"Keeps Sprinklers Visible, Rotors and Spray Heads"
US Patent 7,946,507

Help Prevent Expensive Sprinkler Head Repairs by Keeping the Sprinklers Visible
1. MEASURE shaft size of sprinkler head with a tape measure or ruler. 2. CUT with scissors, all six vertical lines on the Sprinkler Buddy to the width as determined in step 1. 3. INSERT the sprinkler head shaft through the hole on the inside of the Sprinkler Buddy. Tabs should remain snug against sprinkler head body.
install4 install5   Tips:  Don't forget to have a few   "Risers" on hand, one may need them  to install the sprinkler head back to its proper depth if it has gotten lower over time.
The Sprinkler Buddy should be pulled up to the collar of the sprinkler head to ensure maximum protection. 4. INSTALL the sprinkler head to water source with the Sprinkler Buddy attached.  



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