"Keeps Sprinklers Visible, Rotors and Spray Heads"
US Patent 7,946,507


Leo D. Gauthier III, President of RyRo, Inc. (Inventor of Sprinkler Buddy) "As a lawn care professional, I have damaged my share of sprinkler heads. While walking the grounds of an apartment complex to submit a bid, I noticed several sprinkler heads placed in problem areas and many installed too high. Immediately, I thought this account would be a nightmare. With my experience servicing properties with irrigation systems such as this one but on a smaller scale, I knew this account would be a constant problem and a lot of down time repairing damaged sprinkler heads, caused from running them over with my mower tires. It was at that moment, I was blessed with the idea to solve this problem. The Sprinkler Buddy is a great tool for lawn care professionals like myself and homeowners with pop-up sprinkler irrigation systems installed. Keeping sprinkler heads visible, is the key to avoid accidentally running them over during routine lawn maintenance. "





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